Family Harvets Theme in EnglishMy Family Almanac
If your customer has a family or knows a family, you can sell him this product!

Bold statement! Not bragging, it's true. International appeal. Any last name, and we mean any last name that can fit into twelve characters will work with this software.

This software is a bona fide money machine. It has the potential to reach every client/customer you have. OK, what's so special you ask? Plenty.

Let's start with the fact that everyone has a last name, a family name, a surname. If they have a last name, you can sell them a Family Almanac suitable for framing print.

You can create printouts in English and Spanish and for the first time, JPG photo files.

Amazing Features to Assure Success:

High resolution printout on conventional U.S. Letter Size paper with 8 x 10 inch cutout (most popular frame size)

High resolution, 300 DPI, U.S. Photo size, 8 x 10 inch. JPG files

High resolution but small size, most less than 800 KB. Easy to email as attachment or upload.


Traditions Theme in Spanish

Choice of two different themes: Family Harvest (show above) and Traditions (shown to left)

English or Spanish - this opens a whole new market to you. Big money in Hispanic personalized products.

Any name up to twelve characters - even accommodates apostrophes and hyphens

Up to twelve family member first names. That's mom and dad and 10 children.
Include pet names as part of the twelve and the second line

Email the output with attached JPG for customer printing

Upload the JPG to (no-cost, lifetime access) for customer pickup. EasyPeasy

Through, upload to social media.
Customer order forms in English and Spanish

Sales tracked daily: Number of printouts produced. Number of JPG's created. Password reset anytime
Recommended retail price: minimum $9.95 USD unframed, $19.95 to $39.95 framed and matted.


Main Screen

So jump in, get your feet wet and explore the many possibilities of this software. No one else makes software that produces this output. Enjoy!

Get Started Now:

We are so confident you will love My Family Almanac that we offer a fully functional version for your evaluation. Download a trial version and you will see how easy it is to get started making money right away selling personalized gifts. Like all of our other money making software packages, we let you "try it before you buy it". Your under no obligation and no sales people will contact you. We can immediately activate your trial version with automated Internet Activation for fast access. Order now.



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