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Professional Name Meaning Software

First Name Almanac is a Windows program that lets your computer create suitable-for-framing printouts about the meaning of any name.

Professionals, from health care providers to insurance agents, can use First Name Almanac to create personalized certificates for their clients, which will increase customer loyalty as well as enhance the professionals' name recognition.  Fund raisers can use First Name Almanac to create personalized spill-proof cups, can-coolers, and key-chains to raise contributions for their schools, churches, scout troops or fraternal organizations.

Entrepreneurs can use First Name Almanac to create personalized mugs, steins, and jewelry boxes, starting a new business with a modest capital investment.
Corporations can use First Name Almanac to create dazzling certificates, desk name plates, wearable buttons and custom- tailored leave-behinds, eliminating the need to buy expensive personalized gifts for their employees, customers and prospects.

When you select an individual's name from First Name Almanac's database of 250,000+ first names, the program retrieves the meaning of the name, local origin and root of the name and, optionally, lets you include astrological information and other personal traits in its customized printout.

First Name Almanac Pro will even create a poem out of the letters of any first name ("M" is for ...)

First Name Almanac Pro supports color printers, and gives you complete control over your color selections. Like all of the user preferences, you can set them and forget them, or easily change them, as often as you like. You can even create mirror images for printing on thermal or dye sublimation printers, allowing you to apply the personalized output to tee shirts and ceramic mugs. While you have enormous flexibility in print formats, all of First Name Almanac's standard printouts are designed to fit on readily available paper stock, mugs and other marketable items.

If you are only looking to tap into the enormous profits of First Name Software products, keep in mind that all you need is one First Name Software package. If you do your homework, you will find that First Name Almanac by Ken Kirkpatrick Software is the best choice for first name software.

Think about it this way, if all you intend to do it created personalized name meaning gifts then you all you need your software to do is produce first name meanings gifts. Now compare the price as well as the lifetime benefits of the product.

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• Try Before You Buy. Can I try this before I buy this? No need for screen shots, Ken Kirkpatrick Software let's you try it all    before you purchase it. Ask the competitors for their evaluation copy to make honest comparisons. Try the real software from them and us.

• License for THREE owned computers included. One for your desktop, one for your laptop, one spare. Triple value!

• FREE Updates for life of the product. Update now or five years from now and it's free!

• Royalty Free - No hidden charges, no pay-per-click. Not now, not ever.

• Dealer Name Insertion - Brings repeat customers by printing your business name and telephone number on all of your first name software personalized gifts.

• Pro version is FOUR programs in one - First name almanac also includes a Family Tree Feature, N is for Name Poetry Module and Letters from Santa, The Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy.

• Over 250,000 Names. Never turn a customer away!

• Add personal sentiment lines. Example: For my darling wife Darcy, I love you - John - 2015.

• No hardware locks- Hardware locks limit you to one machine and require assistance to install.

• Quick & Easy Buttons for making all novelty items. You won't need to guess where to place text, want to make a key chain, just push the key chain button, make a mug, select the mug button and so on. Pro version

• PDF Function. (E-mail your print-outs to clients).

• Lucky number and astrology option.

• Ornate font included.
• Inspirational verses instead of astrology data.

• Built in counter to track your sales. Software automatically counts everything sent to printer. Tamper-Proof and password protected.

• Edit any name meaning to your heart's content.

• Free U.S.A. Based telephone Support.

• Newsletter Updates. Opt-in newsletter will keep you posted whenever new updates or products are available. Get updates by mail automatically.



First Name Almanac Pro professional version includes 3 licenses and requires Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP or Vista.. Requires minimum 800x600 screen resolution. A printer is required. There is no Mac version available nor anticipated. The output of the program cannot be exported to a program like CorelDraw except via PDF, nor "saved to a file". There are never any royalty or use fees, and lifetime software downloadable upgrades are included, free.

Note: The background art paper shown in First Name and Gift Factory does not print and is shown for alignment and display purposes only. The pre-printed paper backgrounds are sold separately from

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