Armed Forces Almanac
Honoring Those Americans Who Served and Sacrificed

The software produces a suitable-for-framing, 8 x 10 inch print commemorating the military service of a selected individual. Available and limited to all seven branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Air National Guard. Certificates for countries other than the United States is not available nor planned. With U.S. military patriotic fever at an all time high, now is the time for this software. Now is the time for you to tap into this market. No one else is, that's for sure. Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Independence Day; any day is a great day to honor our service men and women. Grab this now while it's red hot.

Serving all military personnel including active duty, reserve, retired and veterans with dates of service from 1900 to present day. Numerous subtitles are made available to remember and honor specific battles, campaigns, wars and theatres . Particular emphasis is given to World War Two, The Korean War, The War in Vietnam, and present day conflicts in the middle east including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Provision is made for any of this "canned" text to be modified on-the-fly for personalized, one of a kind, results. Take a look at this outstanding printout!  The example depicts The United States Marine Corps, but you may select any of the seven branches. The appropriate seal will be displayed and printed.

The program creates either a physical print or/and an Adobe PDF version for electronic delivery. Using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, the end-recipient can reproduce a clone of the certificate on his own printer.  A customer order form has been created and is available for multi-copy reproduction from within the software.

Ribbons? We've got ribbons. Displayed on the printout are up to six campaign and award ribbons selected from an array of thirty available. While not every ribbon ever awarded is available, the most popular are readily selectable.  A list of the available campaign ribbons along with a picture of each is available in the user guide. Order Now


Screenshot of software user interface

Armed Focres Almanac Main Screen


Making Money for Fun and Profit

The print is produced on a standard U.S. Letter Size, 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Optionally, and recommended, the program prints cutout borders so that the end-user may trim to  U.S. Photo Size of 8 x 10 inches. We do this so the recipient or you can avail yourself of the vast selection of photo frames at 8 x 10 rather than document frames. When the printout is combined with an inexpensive oak frame [less than $5 from Walmart, among others], you can sell it all day long for $19.95 and quadruple your investment. Check the dollar stores and Walmart for inexpensive frames suitable for this project.

You should know there is no, and we mean no other software on the planet that produces certificates like this. Be the first kid on your block to offer something truly new. Do you have any idea how popular military heroes are right now? Cash-in, and cash-in big.

When produced on a color laser printer or quality color inkjet, the output is simply stunning and will be treasured as a keepsake for years. Just use plain heavy white paper as the software prints its own graphical background.


Before You Ask

The certificate produced is only available in landscape, us. photo size. Almost all suitable for framing Diplomas, and certificates of award are rendered in this fashion. It is not designed to imprint on a mug or smaller size and cannot be shrunk from within the software. However,  it does produce a PDF file that you may import into another program and manipulate as you see fit.


Again, the software only deals with The United States Military. Because we do not have access to the myriad of military data required for other countries, no international edition is planned or in the works. However, if you live outside the United States and have a U.S. Military base near you, this program might be a small goldmine. There are a ton of local international communities that have a sizeable U.S. Military presence near them. Worth a look...


The "dealer tag line" for this particular title prints outside the cutout border on the U.S. letter size paper and not on the actual award certificate. No end-recipient wants your name on their award. It does, however, allow you the opportunity to present your contact details for reorder purposes. Create a printout with the cutout border and you will visualize this explanation.


The full printable user guide will walk the owner of the program through every detail of its operation. Its simplicity and ease of use will become apparent. As with all our titles, we strive to make operation of the software as easy as possible with little or no learning curve. Not part of any bundle. Sold separately. Download a trial version copy today and see the Wow factor for yourself.



There's MUCH more
. Want to discover? Download the complete printable PDF user Manual and download the trial version. You'll be convinced. Order Now


Screenshot of actual printout: All 7 Service Branches Available

Screenshot of actual printout

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We are so confident you will love The Armed Forces Almanac that we offer a fully functional version for your evaluation. Download a trial version and you will see how easy it is to get started making money right away selling personalized gifts. Like all of our other money making software packages, we let you "try it before you buy it". Your under no obligation and no sales people will contact you. Order now.



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